Windows Live Spaces got too Social

Dare recently posted about the great new social features that Windows Live Spaces has deployed. I think they are good features, the problem is Live Spaces has changed into a mini FaceBook (well I think I’ve not been there) or MySpaces to compete with that Gen Y crowd. But there was no options to not get these “upgrades” and the tool became more of what I didn’t want it.

My core problem is that the people in my Windows Live Messenger contact list are not the targets of my blogging at all. So all these new ways to interact with my WLM contacts added zero value, and a lot of screen clutter.

I already have a RSS feed reader that I love, and when the few of my WLM contacts update their blogs I know about it. All the contact auto management features seem like some form of Plaxo (that I’m not using any more). The friends lists seem to be some from of LinkedIn/FaceBook. Not interested.

Someone (in my feed list) was remarking about how the A-List blogger’s are behind the times (in regards to FaceBook etc) and not trying to A-List myself, but I think I’m even more behind the times, so much so I’m just plain not interested.

I think Jeff Atwood summed it up best when he said own your presence on the Internet (can’t find post) and that is what I want. I’m here, I’ve got stuff to contribute. It’s just here on my domain. It’s there to find via Google and that’s the way I like it. What’s more I am prepared to pay for that privilege of control.

Programming Challenges:110502 Reverse and Add

I solved the 110502 Reverse and Add problem today. The hardest part was whipping up the worker functions to do text based numbers.

I started by laying out the algorithm in function blocks, then proceeded to full in the gaps. I had two bugs

  1. my is_palindrome function didn’t have a default return value. It was C++ but even that seems a bit broken, but it compiled!
  2. my data structure could hold 10 digits (ie 1,234,567,890) as the problem stated, but that didn’t seem enough. Size 100 fixed that.

I haven’t done any simple problem work for a while, and I like the idea of doing some of the Rudy Quiz (albeit in C#), yet the testing structure of Programming Challenges site makes it a contained experience.

Finished The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princes

Well I finished Zelda tonight. ~79 hours of playing time. 17 4/5 hearts. 39 Poe souls. 15/20 Golden Bugs.

I ended up with many side quests that I could do, but just can’t make myself. I really enjoyed the story. There were some great boss fights. I could have completed it a lot faster but I was enjoying exploring, and see how things worked.

Now I just have to wait till November for Super Mario Galaxy.

Visual Studio 2008 Beta 2 is out…

From Darryl I learnt Visual Studio 2008 Beta 2 is out. Damn it, I had only just gotten Beta 1 installed and working how I liked in my VPC at work.

Well I’m excited really about the new version, but more annoyed at all the system updates that wasted so much time this week, when all I want to do was experiment with Silverlight.

Now I’ve just got to not restart my dev machine over the next ~7 hours while it comes down.

I was wondering about Silverlight, but reading Soma’s details Silverlight 1.0 RC is due any day now also. Woot!