7 Days short of 1 Year….

Well as I was told almost a year ago, “you will forget your security badge one day” when going to get a coffee from the other building… and today was that day… I had been so proud of not having forgotten it (solved by me always wearing my badge on a lanyard), I had just assumed I was wearing it. I was shocked when I found I wasn’t.

On the plus side that means I’ve been here mostly 1 year! Time fly when your having fun.

Windows Update broke Google Desktop?


I used Google Desktop yesterday, all worked fine.

This morning I installed the two windows updates: Update for Windows XP (KB927891) and SQL Server 2005 Books Online (February 2007)

Now Google Desktop just will not run….

There is a chance the IS guys altered my machine during the reboot cycle…. but why now, and why not an email asking us to stop running the program? I’ve now paid my IS tax, and acknowledged the the IS guys could if the wanted to, in fact they can do anything, but today it was not them that have broken/blocked Google Desktop.

So now it comes down to did MS break it on purpose, or was G Desktop doing something “dodgy”

Update: Thanks to Hemil’s advice I downloaded that latest setup, and now it works. The part of the puzzle the confused me yesterday was the file version on GoogleDestop.exe was 5.1.705.4505, which is the version of the latest setup.

So this is the versions of the exe’s in my Program Files\Google\Google Desktop Search

File Before After
GoggleDesktop.exe 5.1.705.4505 5.1.705.4505
GoggleDesktopSetup.exe 4.2006.825.1629 5.1.705.4505
GoggleDesktopCrawl.exe not there 4.2006.825.1629
GoggleDesktopIndex.exe 4.2006.825.1629 not there

I didn’t think to check the .dll versions… anyway it’s working now.

Streaming Video to the Wii


As the Wii is the computer in the living room, I want to stream video to it. The current solution I have found (but not tested yet, download currently) is TVersity. I very keen on it working out. Will post more once I tested it.

One week later…

I got it working that evening, then broke it, then re-installed it all, and got it working again the next morning. Using the doc’s on-line were good to follow. Things went wrong when I tried to improve the quality of the stream. The default transcoding resolution is 400×300, which is kind of limited, compared to TV screen spec’s. But as soon as I started tweaking the settings, things stopped working. Not sure if flash video has a max frame size or if the Wii (via Opera) can only handle default settings.

Also the only test “file” I have has two audio track, with the primary been french (thanks Martin), and using the default AVI codec in installed by DivX Player has no run-time options. I installed the Matroska Splitter codec pack, and it’s AVI codec has better support. So now the file plays my chosen language at later showings.

Entering the URL on the Wii was a pain until I got it working, and then I could save it as a favorite. On the Wii you need to use this URL http://tversity_host:41952/flashlib or you get memory problems.

I do have one HDTV file that cannot be played, so I’m not sure what the problem is there.

Next things to experiment with (later) are:

  1. Pre-transcoded files, and the supported resolutions/frame rates, these can handle.
  2. Getting the HDTV file to transcode/play.
  3. Get faster computer (transcoding)/XBox360/Media Center PC

Oh the other really odd thing about TVersity is the UI is done in Flash, so you have a installed windows app but with odd widgets, and no right click. Very strange!

Underwater Hockey: South Islands on this Saturday

Updated: The schedule changed.

This Saturday (26 May 2007) I’m playing in the South Island Champs. I’m in the B grade team this year. This is a change from playing A grade for the last few years. This is not due to me getting worse, but the number of good players in our club has grown substantially, so now I get to be a big fish is a little pool, verse the little fish in a big pool. Yippie!

The current schedule is

Time White Black Court
10:15am Bravehearts Killer B’s 2
12:45pm B 52’s Killer B’s 2
2:25pm Killer B’s Plan B’s 2
3:15pm Sharks Killer B’s 1
4:30pm Killer B’s Southern Belles 1

So I’m really excited about the competition, the only problem is underwater hockey has to be one of the worse spectator sports around.

Paul Stovell’s Fantastic Binding Oriented Programming Example

Paul Stovell has one of the best examples I’ve seen on how to-do Binding Oriented Programming (BOP). I’ll be honest, I’ve not seen many, in fact I’ve been keeping my eyes open looking for a better way, than the classic VB6.0 do it in the form, that the Visual Designer encourages so much. In fact in the only larger that one day’s work .Net app I’ve worked on was Visually Designed. It felt wrong, but I wasn’t in the position to say how it should be done better.

So I’ve understood the merits of MVP/MVC, but never seen a simple how to. I’ve always felt overwhelmed by the here are our 60 Models, and here are our 60 Views, and our 60 Controllers. But Paul’s simple example shows for one case how to binding it all up, why to segment it, and I had that “Ah ha!” moment.

So now I’m really happy! I’ve got it printed out, and hanging on my wall. Cheers Paul.