Software Build Scripts

I have been working on the build scripts for our products, and they are almost perfect now.

New enhancements are:

  • All build done on a remote machine “The Build Machine”
  • Get the SVN revision (via svn.exe info) so it can be inserted into the version numbers of our tools.
  • Do all the replacement of via SED
  • Build it all
  • Copy it to the network in a nicely named directory e.g. “2007-04-04 (005 Release)”

Makes things feel much better than the bad old days of hand altering each tool’s version information, building locally, and bundling every thing up.

Things left that I’d like to-do

  • Automate the build number (current entered for each build)
  • Put the whole process into some continuous build system
  • Get email notification of build success/failure

But on the whole, where we are now is such a happier place.