We have Wii

Yesterday we (I) purchased a Nintendo Wii, spent most of the day playing Wii Sports with the kids.

There was no issue get the product as there appears to be in the USA.

Mistakes made:

  1. Should have brought a Zelda bundle, and got Zelda for $65 instead of having to go second hand or pay $100
  2. Should have brought a extra Remote, not Nunchuk (Remote add-on), so Michaela is going to take it (the nunchuk) back and see if we can up-sale to a Remote+Wii Play bundle.

Lots of fun watching people play Wii Sports, I really was enjoying Tennis and Bowling. It was nice playing a full game of bowling without getting a sore arm.

Games that I’m looking forward to getting so far:

Wii Sports “Fitness Age”: Me 32, Michaela 77 (hehe)