Linq and Functional programing

With my C++ project crashing visual studio a lot today, I’ve been reading a few blog entries.

Alex pointed out Wes Dyer’s blog, so I’ve been reading my way thought his recent posts.

The Visual Studio “MSDN: Visual C#” feed has a link to Charlie Calvert’s interview with Anders Hejlsberg on LINQ and Functional Programming. A very worth while watch (@118MB download) Anders explains things so well.

187th Simeon

Eric was talking about wrongness that geek bloggers vs. Grammy winners, and that due to the nature of the web that geeks ranked higher than real world popular personalities.

So inspired by the potential I went search for my ranking against Simeon, and I’m 187th (at the time of this posting).

Woot take that.

What I did find interesting was the Wikipedia Simeon entry, how the biblical Simon is a son of Jacob, I think Jacob will find that funny also.

With my ego safely checked, I also point out that I think Eric’s post is very good.

OH MY GOD: Just before posting this I remembered there are other search engines, So I went to and I’m 809th.

Underwater Hockey training

I have been swimming since September. As I get bored with front crawl I have often done underwater lengths to improve my hockey game. I’ve not played any hockey over the uni-holidays (as all the students leave town), so am not sure if my games has improved.

Reading Larry O’Brien’s blog this morning he posted about 365 day challenges, and a possible counter challenge of underwater swimming. He replied to my comment and introduced me to the term dynamic apneaunderwater swimming, I then spent the next while reading sites talking about training.

Reading the Wikipedia Free-diving entry I noticed Underwater Rudy, sounds fun.

My current bests are: 50m no fins, 75m with fins.

Offtopic: Larry’s 15 Exercises to Know A Programming Language looks like good fun too.