Enders Game

On Tuesday I felt like read a good but easy book. Enders Game fit the need, so I sat down and read it in one sitting. Yip I enjoyed it that much, that at each hour past midnight, I said to myself “oh this is a good bit, just a little longer”. So at 5:30am I was filled with triumph, for the morals and glory of the story, and having finished the before Michaela got up for work at 6:30am. I had a whole hour to sleep, what joy.

Turns out, that in the year of 2006, one hour is still not enough sleep, by any margin. I was feeling out-of-body all day at work. I even fell straight to sleep, when I went to bed at the un-earthly 7:30pm. I’m not even sure both kids where asleep. Anyway I am feeling better now and the book was good.

Edited 11th Dec 06: Fixed some shocking spelling/grammar, I’m sure I’ve left some more for the expert spellers.