Flight home starts delayed.

The first leg home, Canada to Chicago is delayed 1h 40m, so we have missed your first connection. Lets see if we still make the L.A. – Auckland flight…..

After getting to Chicago, it turns out we had 10 minutes to make our Chicago – LA flight. So after sprinting across O-Hare airport, it turned out that that flight, was our original flight, but it was also delayed.

We then made it to L.A. with enough time to eat dinner and relax. The L.A. flight (NZ1) was delayed. The US now have this really good idea that all people in transit via the US should be checked through customers (thus get eye scanned and finger scanned) so they can then checkout of customs, to get back on the plane. This took over an hour, so delayed our departure.

We made it home to our connecting Auckland -> Christchurch flight also.

So we are back now. Now to catch up on sleep…

Mid Atlantic

Written on the 11th, in the middle of Flight NZ6 enroute to Montreal.

It’s 3:06am NST and I have “slept” for as long as I’m likely on this flight. I was comfortable, but I’d get leg twitches from the planes movement, and it would jolt me. Maybe next time drugs might be good.

My inmates on this flight are Roger (left) and Bec (right). I talked to Roger for a bit at the beginning of the flight, but things have been in “sleep” mode for a while.

Channel 6 of the Air New Zealand radio, is “The Blue Room” and it’s playing a great mix of disco, funk and house. This is partly why I’ve started the lappy up, because to use my in seat screen turns the music off, and it’s just too funky.

I’m on a Boeing 747-400. It sure carries a lot of people. Matt is somewhere near the front. He sweet talked the check-in lady (a fellow British) and he got a emergency exit seat with extra leg room. I don’t want extra leg room, it’s my elbows and shoulders that are out of space.

Talking of Roger, he was a former Cat employee, small world. He came to NZ to do a motor bike tour. Got a bunch of bad weather, so had to ride in wet leathers, not the nicest way to spend a trip.

Don’t know a thing about Bec, other than she is gluten intolerant. I saw the hostesses bring out the special meals first, and noticed her put the food tray down. Thought she’s keen, but I didn’t dawn on me she maybe one of the early feeders.

What would be cool is to have some form of in flight network, where the current playing music is displayed. Then I would have an idea what to look out for. What with iTunes now been in NZ and me also now having a CC.

hmm. Cant thinking of much more to write about, other than the 3 fl. oz. rules are stupid. I sort of raised my “it’s going to far” thought to Roger but he went quite, so I dropped it quick. Didn’t need my seat buddy pissed with me after the first 30 minutes, of a 12 hour trip.

4:02am Oh dear, the music is just a loop. My eyes are tired, I agree the Liquid People – Son of Dragon is a great song. I’m just not going to stick around to hear the name of the also really good song just before it,….

ScrewTurn Wiki

After a discussion of wiki software on the DNUG mailing list, I decided to try the most popular product ScrewTurn Wiki. I downloaded the Desktop Edition, altered the configuration and it ran like a treat. Created a user account, and started editing.

The thing I love the most about wiki writing is that when I think of tangential thoughts (happens often) you just mark those parts as a link, and keep on with the current meme.

The output of the mark-up looks good, and the preview allows a quick turn-around when altering the layout of the information.

It gets my vote.

Christchurch DNUG Ron Jacobs World Tour of NZ

Last night I attended the last DNUG for the year. ARCast host Ron Jacobs was speaking on application security. Ron has a good speaking style and the meeting was enjoyable. The material was more security 101 level than I had expected, but it’s always good to be reminded of the fundamentals.

I have subscribe to the ARCast podcast, we will see how that goes. We got handed out a CD with 50 ARCast shows, so I look forward to listing thought that backlog.

I volunteered to present a Generics 101 session next year. Quite excited about it. Spent ages thinking of what could/should be covered, once home. I feel that I have a few angles that would be interesting to discuss, so am feeling amped, even though it won’t be till March/April.