Cool things: Google SketchUp

When updating to the newest Google Earth yesterday, the installer asked if I wanted to also install SketchUp. Wow, it is sooo coool. It just makes 3D stuff like, how you think it should. Working through the tutorial was a blast.

Some serious thinking went into that application. I am looking forward to sketching up my new house when we move in. In preparation, I was playing with build L section buildings, and eves, etc. Some things take non-linear think to-do, but still, it’s very cool.

I like the X-ray mode, seeing through like it is perspex, and the sun/time of day/year shadow is pretty cool to.


+30 points for @Last Software for writing SketchUp

+5 points for Google acquiring @Last Software and making a free version

-2 points for the PHB that insisted on making the installer viral

On a side note to Google application installers, it would be nice if they stopped ask “Do you want to make Google your default IE search” as I don’t use IE, and I would prefer the app’s where not so viral. In fact I hate any installer that offers to change “other” applications, so that my user experience would be more “optimal”. If I’m installing your app, it’s your app I want, not my other app’s tweaked, so don’t ask, just leave them alone.

Free Stuff Inside! – Seth Godin

I purchased Free Stuff Inside! by Seth Godin for my birthday and read it (like all good books) in a weekend, and like all good books, that was a few weeks ago. I promptly brought it to work so I could blog about it, and it got lost in the list on important stuff.

But do not let such a weak opening put you off this book, as it is a gem. Having no clue what the book was about, other than having herd good things of Seth from other blogs, I found the book intriguing from the start. A good sign. I was very pleased to discover the book is about making things (projects) happening in your company, and how to go about this task. It was a sign from the gods, because this seems to match perfectly with work. Our company is owned by two parent companies, with our (company) objectives not matching some of the objectives of the people we interact with the parent companies, thus clashes on what and how things should be done happen. Now I do not have to deal with mismatch presently, but it does help to understand the tactics used my others to get things done, and will help in the future when I want to make things happen.