The sky is falling, the sky is falling.

Well something fell out of the sky today, and I missed it. People at work heard a bang. I got IM’ed by Mark asking if I’d heard it. People around me heard it. Michaela was at school when it occurred, and all the school parents were excited.

Meanwhile went from a short bulletin, to a “eye witnesses account” of university students sunning her selves, and an old man, who confused it for a 9-11 attack.

Breaking news at hand, I am now pleased to displaying our latest artist’s impression of the meteor….


Update: The original, and more useful stuff article is here. Also the artwork is by Amal, not Mark.

No thanks, to the video footage.

Steve Irwin has died, and that in it’s self is sad. Sure he was doing what he loves, but from a family perspective it makes me sad to think of his kids been fatherless.

I have read detailed descriptions to how it happened, I can image that parts that where not described, but I know for sure I don’t want to see it happen. So times gross things happen, standing on nail, hammer in the face. You see it happening, it shocks you as much as the victim, and you deal with the results, and move on. But you don’t afterwards, think, oh, lets watch that in slow motion. So for me the idea that Channel 10 might release the footage of Steve been injured, and thus dying, it’s just all very puzzling, who do they think wants to see it, and of the people that do, what kind of reasoning do they have? Is it the kind of person/reasoning we want to encouraged. I think not. On the radio this morning, they said Steve had previously said keep record if something goes wrong, and I understand, because if you make it through, then you have some great near missing footage, but actually seeing the incident that kills someone, it’s just not the done thing.

I hope Channel 10, do the right thing.