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Underwater Hockey South Island Champs

Last week I should have posted that I was going down to Invercargill to compete in the Underwater Hockey South Islands. I would then said that I was in the B team, and a little sad that we had so … Continue reading

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Weet-Bix All Blacks Vault

I just got an email from Week-Bix about the All Black Vault, and while the email was messed up (not sure if it was Firefox or Gmail’s fault) the actual site is very slick. I really like the panning screen … Continue reading

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Siones Wedding

Michaela and I went to see Siones Wedding last night. I had no expectations at all (didn’t actually know anything about it) and found very funny. It was a great Samoan comedy. So my advise it go, expect nothing, and … Continue reading

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Google search supports language ‘xx-hacker’

I hadn’t seen a Google search in xx-hacker before and though it was the funniest thing. Googling about xx-hacker found some useful links, one of which is the Google front page in leet speak.

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New Windows Live Messenger Beta client.

Well, I got the new Windows Live Messenger Beta client at work yesterday, and at home today. On the whole, it appears more broken, because the new feature I like the most, display contacts by “First Last Name” is not … Continue reading

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