Underwater Hockey South Island Champs

Last week I should have posted that I was going down to Invercargill to compete in the Underwater Hockey South Islands. I would then said that I was in the B team, and a little sad that we had so many good players that I was playing down a grade. But then I would have had to update the post to say: Due to people pulling out I’m now in the A grade team. Woot. And I’d say something like, I feel bad for the B grade team loosing me, and that I’ll be the weakness player ob the A grade team. But because I didn’t write the post, I didn’t have to say any of that.

So now that I’m back and 14+ hours of my life have been spent travelling. I can say thank god I wasn’t in the B grade. A few other clubs (there is only Invercargill and Dunedin to choose from) thought it was good to put A grade teams in the B grade, thus our B grade team lost all five games they played. This was disappointing for the team. But they did score one goal in the 3rd 4th playoffs. Instead I played in the A grade, where only two people are from Christchurch and the rest are import via university. God bless the engineering department at Canterbury. Anyway in the A grade we won all our games, and won the tournament. WOOT! So now I have a Gold medal. It was some crazy fast hockey, against some teams that though fouling and general dirty play are in the spirit of the game.

Side notes of the tournament, yes I stalled Bryn’s Ute (after two hours driving in fifth gear, I forgot about the clutch). Some unpleasant Invercargill yobs thought it was fun to punch the smaller people in our group (me being in the set of targets), luckily I’d had a few celebratory drinks, and didn’t really feel it.

Siones Wedding

Michaela and I went to see Siones Wedding last night. I had no expectations at all (didn’t actually know anything about it) and found very funny. It was a great Samoan comedy. So my advise it go, expect nothing, and giggle and laugh you head off.

New Windows Live Messenger Beta client.

Well, I got the new Windows Live Messenger Beta client at work yesterday, and at home today. On the whole, it appears more broken, because the new feature I like the most, display contacts by “First Last Name” is not used when it starts. So if you have it set, you have to change to some other setting and toggle back to see the names.

But the good feature is that the feedback form now works, so I can complain/comment via that instead of moaning on my blog.

The build number is “Build 8.0.0689.00_Branches”, branches seems an odd name for a branch. I wonder if they are sending different build to different people to see how they react.

Other things I’ve noticed.

The icons have all changed yet again. Gosh their graphic designers keep busy.

The annoying “details getting bigger as you mouse over” appears to be gone, now you have the option of “all small” or “all big”. I’m guessing only people with two contacts are going to use the “all big”, as it wastes so much desktop. Also odd is that people who have set picture (inbuilt), seem to get the new default blue person picture, unless they have used a custom picture.

I get the feeling there really isn’t any innovative things to add, so they tweak the UI continually (making it more busy, bigger and cluttered), it makes me use GTalk for contacts that are duel listed.

Sigh, I still managed a good moan. I wonder how the developers on that team feel about going to work each day.