Curse of the Azure Bonds Cheats

Here is a list of the cheats I’ve found so far in Curse of the Azure Bonds.

Adding STING to the command line (first parameter) will:

  • Skip the Title screen
  • Allow toggling debug mode, press CTRL+D. Output is put in the DEBUG.txt file. While in debug mode:
    • Each executed Byte Code is logged to the debug file
    • Press CTRL+Z to dump the affects that each party member has
    • Press CTRL+C to exit the game straight away

Adding Wooden to the command line (second parameter) will allow you to:

  • Display the area map in all areas
  • Skip the copy protection, so you don’t need the code wheel, not that it matters as most abandon ware sites have the cracked version.
  • Turn on “Free Training” when in a trainer, press J. This means:
    • You don’t pay the 1000 gold pieces
    • You don’t need to have the required EXP to train
    • Your character doesn’t need to be conscious
    • Training centers will train all classes
    • You will be given the required EXP to be the level you have just trained for
  • Pressing Alt-x or ‘-‘ (minus) in combat will cause “The Gods intervene!” and kill all enemies

Thus you would type “start.exe STING Wooden” at the DOS prompt.

I hope this helps someone may be stuck in the game.

Edit: Here’s a video showing these cheats in action.

55 thoughts on “Curse of the Azure Bonds Cheats”

  1. This is awesome man!!! I have played this game countless times as a kid, and never knew there were cheats. 2 of things I hated about this game. 1 was paying to level up and 2 was trying to find a hidden enemy. With this I can just type in the command and Boom, no more problems… Thanks a lot Man!!!!!!

  2. Hi could you help me play this game again? I have the Forgotten Realms Classic CD, I have DOSBox 0.74 but don’t understand what to do??? Please help me get these games running, regards bobby

  3. Hi Bob,

    I don’t have the CD set you mention, so I’m not sure how it installs the games, or helps get them installed, but once you have the Curse of the Azure Bonds on your hard drive somewhere, getting it working under DOSBox is not too tricky.

    I have my games files installed to “c:\Games\Curse” and then in DOSBox, I just start a normal/default session (found in the start menu), mount c:\Games to the DOSBox path “c:” with this command “MOUNT C C:\games” then change to c: with “c:” then enter the curse directory “cd curse“, the first time I play after installing I delete the default configuration file “del curse.cfg” so the game correctly sets it’s self up on first run, then start it “start.exe STING Wooden“.

    Hope this helps.

  4. I just read this, thanks! Haha almost a year after you replied. I was expecting an auto notification to my email, heh.

    Will try it out later.

    Any luck on cracking the FRUA cheats eg. Dark Queen of Krynn?

  5. Thanks for the great port. It has been many years since I played curse, and absolutely loved being able to play it with minimal effort on installing etc. Absolutely Great Job!

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