[RANT] The Cost of Not been Losers

Well, seeing as I have not been employed for the last month. I got this crazy idea, that I might be eligible for some form of support from the government. Sure enough we (my wife and two children) were eligible for some housing support as my wife’s income is not very large and we have rent to pay. So I filling the booklet, and went to see a WINZ consultant today. But we have an Asset that is over $16,000 (a deposit for a house that will be brought as soon as I get a job, so the bank is happy that I can pay the mortgage) as this is the limit for people (couples) who want help.

So because we have been saving money for the last four years, just like the government wants people to-do, we cannot get a helping hand. So if I had

  • drunk lots of alcohol
  • smoked
  • used drugs
  • got a flashy stereo and game consoles

All in the name of live for the now, WINZ would give me money. But I didn’t, so they won’t.

Sure I understand the idea, people with lots of money in there pocket should use it before asking for help. I get that. But if I had used the money to buy a house last month, then I’d get even more money. Even though my part of the assert was the same, and ignoring the fact I get the total value of capital gain, which seems to be the rage at the moment. But alas I didn’t do that.

I’m surprised that they don’t ask if you own more than 16K of the worth of your house, and stop you been applicable for that reason, because it’s the same thing really. It makes me so grumpy.

There are only two work a rounds, buy an asset (that I can get my money back out of) that is not an asset (can only think of a house). Or buy lots of cool computer/game type stuff.

It’s not that I want to receive a hand out, but the only reason to not be aloud to get one been that we’ve saving to buy a house, seems really FUCKED.

I see why it’s called a poverty trap. You get no encouragement to better your self.

Basic Economics

I have finished reading Basic Economics – A Citizen’s Guide to the Economy and I thought it was an amazing book. If all books could be as thought provoking, I don’t think I’d spend any time programming.

A few odd things where happening while I was reading this book. At the first there was the French youth labour law changes. I’d just read the section on why such labour laws are bad.

There have been other union based actives around that I’ve seen and I feel so distance from the idea that union bring any real value.

It’s a wired situation, I know someone who works in administrator at a unionised company, and the BS and pettiness of the union and the land grabbing for benefits that really don’t make sense. It just seems so inefficient.

But at the same time, I’ve had the concern that I been strung up by the ‘man’ in the past. I prefer the play it honest, and if burnt move on.

So back to the book, really just great stuff. The funniest thing is that in high school the guys interested in economics I had a ‘boring accounting’ opinion. It turns out I was missing out on one of the best topics.

It’s alive – Curse of the Azure Bonds project notes

Well, after 10 months of logged work, with 169 check-ins to Subversion. I have 91% of the assembly translated (or deleted) and ZERO errors. Which means I can start running the program and debug the issues that where assumed, or unknown.

Lots of unassigned memory issues so far. Things that where stack based in the C/C++ (original code as Pascal) sense, that now need to be constructed to allocate heap memory. At this point the project would have been heaps easier if I’d used C++ as the target language. But I didn’t.

Now the actually useful parts, like learn DirectX to do the graphic and keyboard IO. The other option is to go GDI+ and buttons and/or menus. I’ll mostly try the second option first. :-)

Options Trading for the Conservative Investor

I read Options Trading for the Conservative Investor back in January.

The primary focus of this book is conservative uses of options, to lower basis, or protect value. I found it well written and explained things from the prospective of protecting wealth and use of options for this purpose. Compared to other books with their this is the maths/logic of how options work perspective.

Forgotten Realms: Azure Bonds

I read the book Forgotten Realms: Azure Bonds a few weeks ago. I found the story fun. It was not complex. There was plenty of plot development in the beginning, but it was all wrapped up quite quickly at the end.

As with most books it is interesting to find out that the cover work armor is only worn at the end as part of a ceremony. Nice to know the sword sell did not consider this normal armor. Bless cover artists.