Spamblog tools in the making.

Reading the C# jobs on Rent-a-coder I came across this job which is a spam blog tool in the making. The thing I don’t get is why you need to have a C# program to-do it. And why you’d claim to offer up to $1000US for the task. A simple batch file with some SED come to mind as the complete requirements.

The only reason for an app that “looks very nice with a nice color GUI” is to re-sale to would be spam blogger in the making. As long as your mottos not “don’t do evil” it seems a simple ploy to profit off what is not profitable (or shouldn’t be). Almost like diet plans and exercise videos. Selling a dream, and skimming the cream.

All in all quite a sad state to affairs.

On a plus note though, 30 entries into the list I haven’t come across any university assignments yet.

General Update.

I’ve been quite busy the last few weeks.

I’ve been searching for a new job (last day tomorrow) as my contract is not been renewed, and the company is restructuring to reduce costs. Been a great adventure, I’ve learnt a lot, and worked with a group of great people.

This is also the last week of our tenancy in our current house. Michaela has been spare heading the effort to find a new house to rent, on the south side of Christchurch. A mission in it’s self. But we have just sorted out a sort term lease, so we will not be crashing on her (or my) parents.

I’ve been playing underwater hockey twice a week. Broke my glove, then broke my stick on Thursday while trialling a new glove, so more $$ to spend on hockey.

In the gaps I’ve been studying for some Microsoft exams, as I want make some progress on my career. Been learning lots of interesting tit-bits, and finding the how-to sections of MSDN really helpful.

So lots happening, and just not the time to sit down and make note of it. That am I’m not sure the worthiness of each of these in part.

I notice Frank Arrigo has automated the Oz DNUG OPML list, and included the NZ DNUG OPML, so hello to anybody that’s subscribed, and seen nothing new.

I’ve read/watch/listened to some good posts recently that include :

Sixth Wedding Anniversary

It’s It was Michaela and my sixth anniversary tomorrow yesterday. The sixth anniversary present is Iron, Candy or Wood depending where you look. So last week I went to a local shop that does iron work called Ironic Art, and looked through their catalogue (available online also). They have a huge collection of really impressive table/chair type stuff. But that was not what I was after. Talking to the guys, one showed me a partial flower that he had. So I ordered a pair of roses, made from Iron. They included a stand, in the price.

I was really impressed with the roses and Michaela really liked them also.

The roses can be seen here:
Cast Iron Roses

If you want Iron work I’d really recommend Ironic Art.

End of week update.

Items of interest have been:

I added Scott Bellware to my feed list today after I found this post (Failing Tests Meaningfully – TDD Process and The Karate Kid) really insightful on the whys of the TDD ways. I’ll admit I had not got that far in my understanding, but like a lot of good idea’s it seems so obvious now I’m on the other side.

I also added Creating Passionate Users after reading the great post Users shouldn’t think about YOU.

Microsoft have re-introduced the second chance program again, which is really good as I’m about to take a test or two, so this gives me confidence that my money will be well spent. via Darryl then Nigel

Lastly, Lego Bible Scenes, this is some of the funniest stuff I’ve seen done with Lego. via James

ZoomIn Maps and NZFlats

Michaela and I have been looking at houses and rentals for a while now, and each time I just wish there was a better way to search/view houses, because there are areas in Christchurch I want to live near.

So the other day when I came across ZoomIn Maps I was really impressed with their AJAX based street search. This was the basis needed to build my dream house/rental site.

Then today Tim off the .Net user group linked to the ZoomIn API and I was oooh-arhhh-ish. Reading their blog, they mentioned there first customer NZFlats, and my first thought was yay! now I don’t have to-do it. And sure enough it has the features I want. The number of listings in Christchurch is quite limited presently, but once this site catches on this will be the way to-do it. None of this crap custom search stuff per rental/real-estate agent.

So now we (NZer’s) just need to converge on this site, and all will be easy.