MD5 Brute Force Cracking

Back in 2000 I spent a few months working on a brute force MD5 hash cracker. This was largely inspired by Distributed.Net and MD5 been how password where stored on our products at work.

After a few months I’d produced some code that had moved as much intrinsic things out of the main loop as possible.

I year later I found MDCrack, and spent some time working with Gregory to use the code. From that point on I have got the odd question asking about the code (at my old email simeon.pilgrim at With Google Analytics I can see it’s one of the major reasons my old blog it still getting hits.

I have just uploaded my old project onto my homepage. I updated it from a VS6.0 to VS2005 project.

At some point I intend to document it, but for now my old source available.

Kottke and the weeds

Jason Kottke blogged about working in places where you can hide. I agree very much about coasting employees sucking the life out of you. I’ll been there when management have tried to do some weeding, and watched everybody overreact (me included). I agree these things suck the life out of you.

But worse than people over estimating projects, is them overestimating, then “delivering on time” and getting praised for it. While others (not me because I was too jaded by this point) slogging there guts to get as close as possible to unachievable deadlines.

I really like my new company, small team, open plan, like a kitchen really.

Exploding the Myths

I finished this book last week, but have been too caught up in reading my next book too rave about this one.

I really liked the book. I enjoyed his perspective on trading. His arguments against the common expressions/maxims of the trading world. He is a TA trader and puts faith in charting.

I had not read much on charting before this, so found it a interesting angle. I really enjoyed the details of the Darvas Box Trading method, and look forward to when Greig’s trading software supports this type of filtering.

This book made me want to write my own trading software, just to see how well it works.

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