Argg: MSN Spaces Stats…

After the loveliness of Google Analytics, MSN Spaces Stats are just plain ugly.

Today I used a new RSS Reader, 50+ “Page Views” because it got all my current posts. Any time somebody subscribes count gets nailed. Yet they are effectively the same person. So RSS and Web view should be separated.

The title of the pages that are view get truncated to “Simeon’s Bits: Simeon Pi…” or “Simeon’s Bits: System.Dr…” so you don’t know what’s really getting viewed.

There are “<Strong>” codes in the titles that waste space, yet I don’t remember putting them there, and when you view the post code, it’s only the body you see, so you don’t know if the title has strong or bold set. eg “RSS: <strong>Sauce</stro…”

So there is heaps of room for improvement. It’s better than the original daily totals I was getting out of Goggle AdSense, but Analytics is just lovely. If only I could get access to the headers.

So been the good netizen I am… I posted this as feedback, and at the end got the error message “Sorry, the page you requested is not available.”

Changed Readers again.

This afternoon, I was emptying deleted entries/feeds in Sauce Reader, and my complete subscription list disappeared. I’m sure all I did was empty rubbish bin. Ether way it’s now gone.

Having just read that there is a new RSS Bandit release, I decided it was time to change back. Killer feature: synchronisation with Newsgator Online. I’ve never used this site, but if it’s half as good as I’m expecting it to be, I’ll be a happy man. (ie Reading my feeds on the weekend at home, and having my work reader also be synced.)

So after 70 minutes of trawling every page I’ve every linked too and finding most of the feeds, I’m back in business.

I’ve even found a petty bug in RSSBandit and reported it already. I might even try to fix, just because I can.

VS2005 Validation as Errors

Rick Strahl is complaining the HTML is auto validating in VS2005, and Scott Guthrie reply with how to turn it off. Reading these posts I thought it might be like the problem I was having with QuickBasic files been parsed and generating errors as noted here.

So I ran off to find some QuickBasic files and loaded them up while have my current work as my project. 18 Error’s found in the non-project file. I had thought in RC1 that my project would not run because of the errors, but in RTM my project runs happy.

Back to the options Scott shows for HTML, but there is not option in the Basic section to turn the parser off.

I’m not sure what justification there is for parsing a (non-project) file at Build time, just because it’s open in the IDE. Also it is odd to assume a files type by it extension, but that’s water under the bridge I guess.

Visual Studio 2005

Well after attending Connect Technical Session, I duly collected my Visual Studio 2005 (and other stuff).

Tonight I installed VS2005 and I have to say it went without a hitch. It told me I had the RTM of Visual Studio 2005 installed, and showed me a URL with instruction to uninstall it. I ran the uninstall program, and it just worked. 50 minutes after that I have VS2005 and MSDN installed.

Thoughts after playing in my Curse of the Azure Bonds project, seems faster. Not actually sure of timing, but pause while it parsed the error list (for all 1500 errors) feels shorter.

Thoughts from my first Microsoft event…

It was cool. I was surprised by the number of attendees. While Craig and I were talking at the end, the key note speaker Jonathan Tom came up and talked to us. We had been talking about the new features, and how it will be hard to get them adopted because most of our work is on going evolution of our core product. Craig was also interested in the push of BI, Jonathan been a Senior Product Manger SQL Server Marketing was happy to talk about these things. It was cool that he chatted with us, so I tried asking a tricky question about the role of BI as leverage to sell/upgrade people verse extending the power to users. Been the marking guy he was he had a solid and respectful answer to both natures of the question.

The best session for me was Darryl’s Smart Client talk. While I’d seen the parts demoed before, it was nice to see him whip it all together. He also had good stage presence, and tried to redeem his name after the Wayne’s slander in the Team System talk. (Note for Darryl: remember to look into my issues with the Connections Site)

Other than the PA system bang, and Jonathan failing off the stage, it all went well.