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Napoleon Dynamite

Man odd. For most of the movie I was wondering what the point was. And that’s still how I felt at the end. Most of the time I keep expecting plot development along the standard lines, and each time the … Continue reading

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A few days worth of titbits

Firstly is the really interesting idea of “Triangle of Life” for earthquake survival. Makes a lot of sense really. Tim “the pass the funny websites around” Haines posted this funny flash rag doll simulation to the DotNetUserGroup. And lastly I just … Continue reading

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Ryan just sent me the URL and username/password to download the 0.4.8 version of flock. First impressions is that the app is good looking. Online bookmarks via seems a great idea (and’s one at that), after thinking about … Continue reading

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Live Spaces messes with Technorati Tags Search

I’ve been noticing for a few days that the biggest source of external views has come from a Technorati Tag search for TopCoder. Looking at the results I can see why, I’m number one (out of 17). With only one post, … Continue reading

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i-mate JasJar: The new toy at work.

Vodafone has given a new i-mate JasJar to us at work. I’ve just been playing with it for the last 15 minutes. It’s very pretty. It would be interesting to see how well the flip screen lasts. The lead developer … Continue reading

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