Don't leave development firmware on you camera...

It shouldn’t need to be said, but “Don’t leave development firmware on you camera“ in late December I was trying to fix the Lossless NEF file corruption problem on my D5100. I loaded a firmware, found it didn’t fix the problem, and then went back to studying the code. I few hours later, as a family we went off to a New Years eve party, and I picked up my camera, and snapped some real keepers.

Next day, I plugged the SD card in and found that Lightroom was

Lightroom has encountered problems reading this photo. You will not be able to make adjustments to the photo.


There is a good example of how to pull the preview jpeg’s, but when I did that, the preview pictures were 570x375, and thus not worth keeping, so some reading of the help file and this command pulled the embedded 4928x3264 jpegs.

exiftool.exe -b -JpgFromRaw -w _jpgfromraw.jpg -ext nef -r .

Which is better sized albeit a little over compressed. But better than nothing.

Now to solve the lossless NEF problem once and for all, and try resolve if the raw files can truly be recovered…