Planet Money Podcast

Just completed the Planet Money podcast listener survey,  and one of the question was about recommending the podcast.

I have given it a good rate in iTunes, but will also recommend it here:

If you are interested in a down to earth, no hype look into “money related things” I recommend this podcast. It’s done by NPR is relax, and not pretentious, and they have covered some interesting topics in the past, and I really enjoy listening to it when new stuff is released, usually two 20-30minutes podcasts a week.

However, on a side note, the survey asked some really odd, and US centric questions, and felt very non-web aware, which to me consuming the podcasts via iTunes (I assume RSS), and reading the blog via RSS it seemed very odd, that most the questions were news focused, with a slant to print paper, and magazines. Then TV.

I don’t watch news any more, and but have a large number of people I follow via RSS/Atom, and their shared links are a great source of real news. Then I may follow this up to find more.

So odd survey, but good radio show/podcast, give them a try.