Five+ years of Gmail

Today while unsubscribing from NZ mailing lists and deleting old cruff, I went and found my oldest sent Gmail message, sent 26 August 2004, so I’ve been a very happy Gmail user all that time, and it’s better than I originally told my wife:

It’s easy to check from home and work, and I never have to delete any
email because I can store 1gig’s worth of stuff.

I current have 440MB of 7414MB, so all this time I’ve never had more that 5% usage.

Yes Google know lots about me, but it’s been useful. We have changed ISP three times in that period, and I’ve had three different work places, but one email the whole time.

Cheers Google.


Stu 2010-01-20 02:25:39

I love gmail. I remember tracking mail in eudora and being tied my my ISP email.. that was so painful.. and loosing years of email in a corrupted mbox.. dialing in and using ppp with pine and tin..

google probably knows what I had for breakfast.. now I even have google voice so they transcibe my phone messages + send me sms/emails of that its so cool, invasive but cool :)

I dont think I’ve ever gone over 5 or 6% either

Simeon 2010-01-26 07:49:59

Agreed on the ISP email points, all very painful pre gmail.