I purchased Outliers while in America this year.

Funny book buying story: there was a 20% off sticker of the jacket, but no price tag. All books in New Zealand have a price sticker on the back, as they are the US or UK print runs shipped to NZ. Thus I was looking for the price sticker, when it dawned on my that it might be the RRP (as I was in the USA).  I then had to search the book jacket for the RRP (it’s on the inside front cover). Felt a complete nob.

Anyway the book is good, I had read some reviews/out-takes that talked about the hockey/football teams, so I was hooked.

I found the rest of the book to be as insightful. The key idea being that success is not just the efforts of the successful, but also not completely up to fate, very much along the lines of: life is what we make of those chances we are presented. To be a true outlier you need both (fate and effort) to go your way in large doses.

It also showed once again that there is no get-rich quick, no magic formula. Just people becoming great via hard work.