Read the credits first

The other day James was showing me around QGit, how to do blames, review logs, etc and we were trying to get it to use Beyond Compare as an external diff tool (C:/Progra~1/Beyond~1/BComp.exe /ro %1 %2)

Things were behaving funky, after lots of trouble and lots of swearing I said “who wrote this sh#t” and then “maybe I should just check first”

James laughed as I press the about dialogue

git about dialogue
git about dialogue


James said he only supplied a small patch, but it was pretty funny still.

The issue we were seeing was that sometime the difference would show the file as identical content, and sometime with differences.

It turned out that in one revision I would select file_a then after clicking on a different revision, pressing Ctrl-D would show the difference for the same file_a even if the second revision did not have changes for that file, therefore there was no difference to display. Took us a while to notice this.