The Olympics

Well 2008 Olympics, and I have enjoyed it quite a bit.  I really enjoyed the opening ceremony, and it was a great chance to use the PVR to record the whole thing.

It will be good to not feel compelled to have the TV on for a while.  When so much top level competition is happening I feel that I need to enjoy it all…

Things I will not miss, and think should be scraped are:

Walking race - really how is this a sport, it’s so contrived, ‘lets run, but without running‘. I mean you walk when you don’t want to run, or you run when your late and have a need to get there faster.  So running races are about going as fast as you can, yet the walk (I don’t want to go fast) race, is about going as fast as you can without going fast, how can that be a race.

Womans beach volleyball - lets get a great team sport, and empty the court of most of the players so that points are easy to get.  Oh and now lets skimp the togs down so people watch.  Um, if the people are not watching it’s because it’s boring.  So tarting it up means only oglers will watch - is that what the Olympics is about, perving?

My other major gripe I have is with sports that could be defined as a ‘game’.  Football, Baseball, Softball and Tennis are not really higher, longer, faster are they.  Ok, there are some team games I do like, but would be willing to loose, Volleyball, Table Tenis.  I just don’t see ‘games’ as personal excellence.

My last gripe, is that TV One had four TV streams available on-line, but our Internet plan charges for traffic because ‘international traffic is expensive‘ yet local traffic also gets billed at these rates, because ISPs can. Nice one ISPs.