Best Song Ever: Orbital - Kein Trink Wasser

Man I have loved this song for ages, and today I have been listening to only my ‘five-star’ songs, and after having listened to the list at least twice, it is still the undisputed ‘Best Song Ever’.

It has a fantastic driving piano build up, with clever layers of piano.  Two fifths through it drops into some fantastic bass that then builds its own layers, and at the half-way mark re-combine with the piano layers, weaving and blending till the end.

Gives me tingles every time I listen, and I’m compelled to jiggle my feet in time, for which Matt once threw a book at me…. but he’s gone!

There is a live performance on You Tube, but the sound quality is missing the feel of it, also the visuals distract from the journey.


Jim 2009-05-02 08:02:37

You’re not the only one…………….