Curse of the Azure Bonds - build 1.0.10

Well, build 1.0.10 of your favourite game has now hit the shop shelves…er, download now for free from google

Issues fixes in this release are:

  • Issue 8 - Combatant placement is now correct for large groups
  • Issue 9 - (Was fixed in rev 121), but now tested to prove that is fixed
  • Issue 14 - Attacks of opportunity now occur
  • Issue 18 - Scribing spells, now works (tested magic users + rangers)
  • Issue 24 - Trying to leave Tilverton crashed game
  • Issue 25 - Trading money between party members was broken

I’m quite pleased with this release, as now combat is closer to complete with the fixing of Issues 14 and 8.
As always, your welcome to place feedback here, or in the issue list


Simeon 2008-06-26 16:49:04

Cheers Paul,

I always look forward to your comments. I will look into the saving throws asap.

Cheers Simeon

paul 2008-06-26 15:55:12

It’s getting better and better.

I thought I might have mentioned this before, but the saving throws are wrong (compared to the DOS version). The party is too easily crushed by the clerics of Moander in Saved Game C because they are not making saving throws as often as they should be. (especially regarding Hold Person). Is the Wisdom bonus included? Is the dwarf bonus (for Sloin) included?

I was really thrilled to see attacks of opportunity working as expected. No longer will the bad guys run away from my party.

Issue #11 (shambling mounds taking full damage) seems to be fixed as well.