Using µTorrent Overnight

A few nights ago I had a few hours to go on a bit-torrent download, and didn’t really want to leave it uncapped over night. But at the same time didn’t want to rate limit the uploading while still downloading (there were only a few people get the file and the only seed was really slow).

In my moment of need, I found µTorrent already had the feature I wanted, but had never seen prior Alternate upload rate when not downloading. I set it to a lousy 2kb which helped me sleep better that night.


Andrew Tobin 2007-09-27 14:13:29

I actually do the opposite.

I love some downloading of perfectly legal items that would have nothing to do with up-to-date tv shows from the States.

But at the same time, my ISP caps my bandwidth and it is split into an am/pm shift (probably more than normal).

Plus they tend to throttle at night themselves (probably due to everyone else turning on to download the same perfectly legal items).

So I throttle my own bandwidth during the day, so I still download but don’t hit my limit too early, and then let it run free at night.

Otherwise I end up with 10 days of 64kb bandwidth when I get home.

Simeon 2007-09-27 15:12:47

Well, I would have said, my ISP cap the crap out of me all the time execpt when I’ve gone over the limit and then then really cap me to <64kb. But the other day while using µTorrent I saw I was getting ~250kbp for a while, which upon reflection is still crap, so just don’t use Xtra if you ever live in NZ.

Anyway it’s only the odd ~200MB d/l for me, so letting it run full tilt makes sense.