vss_to_svn: Dealing with spaces in VSS paths

I’ve been helping another team move from Visual Source Safe to Subversion. Today I got the list of sub folders needed/not-needed in the new repository. Something that took me a while to solve was how to include or exclude paths with spaces, as the python would see these as new argument. This is done via an argument file.

So, to include the path $/Path/Project Version ExtraWords the following will not work:

-i **"**$/Path/Project Version ExtraWords**"**
-i **'**$/Path/Project Version ExtraWords**'**
**"**-i $/Path/Project Version ExtraWords**"**
**'**-i $/Path/Project Version ExtraWords**'**

So after a long pause, I remembered the url %20 trick

-i $/Path/Project**%20**Version**%20**ExtraWords

and it worked. I hope anybody using the scripts, or python arguments finds this useful.