New build of Windows Live Writer

I was going to write a post about how Windows Live Writer has been causing me grief when posting with pictures..

But I decided to check first and there is a newer version, released Today! I then noticed I’m running 1.0 build 109, and the previous release was 1.0.1 Build 6. So I was running old software… oops

So I’m getting Beta 2 now! Better post, so I can start using the new version


Five seconds of thought:

  • Well the installer is different, but I like it
  • The UI is so much nicer
  • I love the save draft onto site option (can now edit from home/work) till done
  • It retrieves the last version from the web when you edit an previously posted entry
  • I really like how the Insert menu items are now on the right hand side
  • Spelling check as you go. Using it already!
  • Add new Categories, very nice….

I’m not sure it’s right, but I’m feeling pumped about this new update. It’s another improvement on a tool that made blogging easier to begin with.

Just have to test with some pictures later….