Underwater Hockey Results

2nd in the B grade. Quite pleased with this. The Nelson Sharks beat us in the round-robin and again in the finals. Our team was playing really well in our offensive game, with some superb linking. Unfortunately Nelson’s goalie was a Premier player, and we mortals just couldn’t get past him. Most goals Nelson scored against us were bombs from him. So it was quite frustrating really.

The other frustration was getting sin-binned twice for arm “infringements”. As a left handed player to steal the puck of a right handed player you have to put your arm over there’s, this leads to easy entanglement, of which people are inclined to enact when you’ve just taken the puck off them. So I lost my patients a few times and just moved an entangled person arm “away” from the play, and got called for it.

I’ve got lots of bruises, but I had a lot of fun. Really the team just played really well together, and I felt I was adding value, so had a blast (this is compared to playing Premier/A grade where I mainly “occupy space”)