Paul Stovell’s Fantastic Binding Oriented Programming Example

Paul Stovell has one of the best examples I’ve seen on how to-do Binding Oriented Programming (BOP). I’ll be honest, I’ve not seen many, in fact I’ve been keeping my eyes open looking for a better way, than the classic VB6.0 do it in the form, that the Visual Designer encourages so much. In fact in the only larger that one day’s work .Net app I’ve worked on was Visually Designed. It felt wrong, but I wasn’t in the position to say how it should be done better.

So I’ve understood the merits of MVP/MVC, but never seen a simple how to. I’ve always felt overwhelmed by the here are our 60 Models, and here are our 60 Views, and our 60 Controllers. But Paul’s simple example shows for one case how to binding it all up, why to segment it, and I had that “Ah ha!” moment.

So now I’m really happy! I’ve got it printed out, and hanging on my wall. Cheers Paul.