MEDC - Christchurch

Last night went to the Windows Mobile/Windows Embedded Christchurch Update, held at the Christchurch Convention Center.

First observation was that it felt like half the people there were from Trimble. Seconds observation was that we were told the flight was delay, after being there 30 minutes, yet being a 3 hour flight they would have known this well in truly before I left work early, thus an email would have allowed me to keep working… So instead I eat nibbles and drank beer/wine, and talked to a lot of Trimble people….

Due to the hour plus delay, the Microsoft guys were in speed mode, and at times I wanted them to breath. But they were talking good stuff.

My main interest was in hearing about embedded XP, due to our next platform being a eXP, but it was main about and then eVista. Scary part of eVista was the minimum core footprint. I did get the information I was after, via the features that will be in implying the current feature set in eXP.

So I’m pretty thankful to MS for bringing these guys here, it’s nice to see/hear people talk about what they are doing.