Flight home starts delayed.

The first leg home, Canada to Chicago is delayed 1h 40m, so we have missed your first connection. Lets see if we still make the L.A. - Auckland flight…..

After getting to Chicago, it turns out we had 10 minutes to make our Chicago - LA flight. So after sprinting across O-Hare airport, it turned out that that flight, was our original flight, but it was also delayed.

We then made it to L.A. with enough time to eat dinner and relax. The L.A. flight (NZ1) was delayed. The US now have this really good idea that all people in transit via the US should be checked through customers (thus get eye scanned and finger scanned) so they can then checkout of customs, to get back on the plane. This took over an hour, so delayed our departure.

We made it home to our connecting Auckland -> Christchurch flight also.

So we are back now. Now to catch up on sleep…