20 days with no home Internet

Ah, and it feels great to be back…

The big hold up was Telstra discovered on the day of moving houses, that they couldn’t install cable to our new house. Well that was the message I got on my cell phone from the unhelpful Astute call-centre person. Lots of time and holding, and talking with Astute and Telstra and it boiled down to. They can’t run wire to our house due to the wire been blocked via the garage from one side, and trespassing the back sections driveway on the other (ie the same way our Telecom wire runs). They could do underground drilling to get the cable to the house, (took three weeks to get to this point) but we would have to sign a waver saying, if the drill gets stuck, they will rip up our three month old driveway to retrieve the drill, and the drive will not be repaired to original condition. Have just brought this house I’m not ready for that possibility, sorry. I was very close though.

So we now have ADSL with XTRA. And I feel guilty, but in the end I couldn’t be bothered hunting for a better deal else where. The plus side is after getting the ASDL kit from XTRA discovering that there is not a phone in the office, we changed to the Wifi option, and $150 later, I now am connected to the Internet via 802.11g & PPPoA. Honestly is just works, and I’m quite pleased with it.

I’ve done a few speed tests on the XTRA speed test page, and I get ~1.7Mb or ~210KB, which is good enough for me.

Last thing left to tidy up is to, find out how to turn the ASDL link on/off from my PC, as described in the D-Link help somewhere.