Shiny new high speed.

Yesterday I got Telstra Cable modem installed. As the house had already had cable installed it took all of 15 minutes (plus the time to go back to the depot to replace faulty equipment) to get it installed.

First impressions, was all oohhs and arrhhs. I found reading blogs in RSS Bandit snappier, and got through a large amount of my backlog.

I then loaded up Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory, by gosh that is fun. I ran around the Orcon 6 server. I then jumped onto a few Ozzie servers, but there wasn’t anybody on them. At around 1pm, I jumped back on the Orcon server, and decided that others would come, and they did. Once we got past two aside, and been spawn owned, the game was fun. In fact it was brilliant. I haven’t had that much fun in years (well 1 ½ years). I need to tweak my setting to get better views, because I was having 90 fps the whole time, which is a bit overkill.

Then in the evening I checked my usage, and almost wet myself, 100MB in one day. On a 1 gig plain that’s 10%, and I’m not that keen to go up to the 5 gig plan unless I need it.

So today I started sniffing what’s happening on my link.

5KBps of ARP traffic for one thing. The Telstra tech support person said I get billed for what my modem receives, but to send a log off to Paradise’s helpdesk. At the moment it’s flicking between 13KBps and 6KBps, so if I’m paying for that I’m not impressed, as 2 hours of that a day, and my limit will be used, with me doing nothing.

I’ll post the gist of Paradises response when I get the answers.