Investing In A Post Enron World

Investing in a post Enron world by Paul Jordan was a great read. It was not so much a, this is what Enron did wrong, but more of a this is how to not get involved, and recognize and leave a company once it starts down this path that Enron took.

What were the dirty accounting and company structural tricks Enron (and others like WorldCom) were up too that allowed them to appear so good (pumping there stock value) while increasing their risk of collapse.

Why they got into the position of having pump there stock and be earnings obsessed.

The warning signs for companies behaving in an earnings obsessed way, where the hints are hidden in the quarterly and yearly filings.

I liked how each chapter ended with lessons for an investor section, as this related the story (of evils and wrong doing) to how to proceed with investing.

One of the major points a took from the book is that companies paying dividends were/are more stable than companies relying on capital growth.