Basic Economics

I have finished reading Basic Economics - A Citizen’s Guide to the Economy and I thought it was an amazing book. If all books could be as thought provoking, I don’t think I’d spend any time programming.

A few odd things where happening while I was reading this book. At the first there was the French youth labour law changes. I’d just read the section on why such labour laws are bad.

There have been other union based actives around that I’ve seen and I feel so distance from the idea that union bring any real value.

It’s a wired situation, I know someone who works in administrator at a unionised company, and the BS and pettiness of the union and the land grabbing for benefits that really don’t make sense. It just seems so inefficient.

But at the same time, I’ve had the concern that I been strung up by the ‘man’ in the past. I prefer the play it honest, and if burnt move on.

So back to the book, really just great stuff. The funniest thing is that in high school the guys interested in economics I had a ‘boring accounting’ opinion. It turns out I was missing out on one of the best topics.