ZoomIn Maps and NZFlats

Michaela and I have been looking at houses and rentals for a while now, and each time I just wish there was a better way to search/view houses, because there are areas in Christchurch I want to live near.

So the other day when I came across ZoomIn Maps I was really impressed with their AJAX based street search. This was the basis needed to build my dream house/rental site.

Then today Tim off the .Net user group linked to the ZoomIn API and I was oooh-arhhh-ish. Reading their blog, they mentioned there first customer NZFlats, and my first thought was yay! now I don’t have to-do it. And sure enough it has the features I want. The number of listings in Christchurch is quite limited presently, but once this site catches on this will be the way to-do it. None of this crap custom search stuff per rental/real-estate agent.

So now we (NZer’s) just need to converge on this site, and all will be easy.