Worst How-To ever.

Somehow I got on the MSDN C# code snippets sections (there are a whole lot of snippets that come with VB.Net but not C#) and I saw a link to How to: Restore C# Refactoring Snippets so I thought cool, maybe I can write some of my ASM -> C# in refactoring snippets, if that’s how the refactoring functionality is programmed.

So I read lots of page after that, and I was getting an over whelming feeling of poor documentation. Ie Snippets are either not very useful, or not worth writing much about them. But the length of the articles was getting really small.

Then I came across the most worthless article of the lot. Bold is add be me.

How to: Share Snippets with other Developers

  1. Create a snippet file that contains the code you want to share.

  2. Share the file you created with other developers as you would share any other file, including mail attachment, network share, and floppy disk or CD.

That’s some life changing advice right there folks…