Playing LAN games via Modem

Over the weekend I spent quite a lot of time downloading patching and getting mod files and maps in the vein hope of playing Enemy Territory online.

We used to play this game every lunch time at ATR and I miss the action. After battling Punk Buster, and Servers that wanted custom pk3 files, that I didn’t have them ( on their http server, I finally got to run around the a few servers. Of course it was just me, and it was still choppy at times.

Matt emailed me the two missing files (sub 40K) and I finally got onto the Orcon server. Between the volume of updates killing me every two seconds, and ~300 ms pings it was impossible to even spawn and get out of the base. Then for fun after about two minutes Punk Buster would decide it knew best and kick me for one of a list of reasons.

So the moral (which I knew already, but hate) if you want to play games, get broadband. Which if we weren’t moving in the next few months, I’d be signing up for in a jiffy. IFF I was a Telecom customer as Telstra cable modem does not have a data cap like the ADSL offerings of Telecom, and I’m not keen on paying a monthly rental for a cable modem when I have an collecting dust ADSL modem under my desk.