Naked Economics

I absolutely loved this book. I found it made me think about things in ways I had not before.

I liked the first of the 2050 questions of “How many minutes of work will a loaf of bread cost?” made me think that currently it takes 2.4 minutes (white bread) to 6 minutes (for a nice loaf). Wow I can’t even eat it that fast, let alone a whole loaf would make me sick.

I’ll quote his closing paragraph because I liked it so much:

The remarkable thing about economics is that once you’ve been exposed to the big ideas, they begin to show up everywhere. The sad irony of Encon 101 is that students too often suffer through dull, esoteric lectures while economics is going on all around them. Economics offers insight into wealth, poverty, gender relations, the environment, discriminations, politics – just to name a few of the things we’ve touched upon. How could that possible not be interesting?