Sudoku puzzles are great.

A few months ago The Press was running a series of Math weeks pages, and they had Sudoku puzzles in them. Michaela was cutting them out for me. I think they are great.

I was at a job interview, and I mentioned them as fun, and in the second interview I was given one and asked to design a solver. With 30 minutes to capture the process that is very brute force, I got sidetracked by one of the requirements of been efficient. So was trying to think of ways to trade space for time. But it was fun talking through my design with the two interviewers at the end of the thirty minutes.

Anyway, I was reading Adam Bar’s blog today and he was talking about them, and I remembered my interest in them, so went search for an online source of the fun. Here is the Sudoku web site, it’s great, with four levels of difficulty, game codes so you can challenge your friends, and timing. What more could you ask for.

Now this gives me motivation to write a puzzle solver.