Beer Emporium on the Radio

Harvey was on Newstalk ZB yesterday talking about his beer shop The Beer Emporium. I missed the interview, but they have a pod-cast archive of the last week online, but it’s only for the Auckland broadcast. They have regional broadcast till lunch time, then a unified show in the afternoon. Thus no pod-cast of Harvey. They did however have a recording that they provided to Harvey when he asked, which he sent to me.

Now via the power of the Internet I can share it with you

Points of note, Harvey gave me a box of the beer chocolates, and they are fantastic. The chocolates are made by a local company temper! temper!

Real Beer

At lunch time today I went to Harvey’s shop The Beer Emporium. His shop looked fantastic, look a book shop, but with the walls covered with beer bottles instead.

We sampled two beers, a Petrus Tripel, it was fantastic. It went down very well, but I didn’t feel I needed to rush it. The second was a Saison Dupont, which was nice in mouth, but had a bitter after taste. Apparently it very good for it’s type, but I suspect it’s not my type.

I brought four other beer to try-out at cards tonight, a Petrus Oude Bruin, Sleemans Honey Brown, Warsteiner Premium Pilsner and fruit beer De Troch Exotic (pineapple). Quite excited.

The Beer Emporium

Well my friend has opened his new shop The Beer Emporium, and what a shock I got today when I opened the paper and there on page 4 was his smiling taped face. Here is the Google Earth link (zipped), so you can find your way there.

It has been a long time in the works, and it’s great to see the day of opening has arrived.

I plan to head down sometime soonish, and try me some imported English beer.