Things will change

Things are due for some major change, as I got my L1 work visa for the United States today. My family also got their L2 visa’s so now we can transfer to the US office and begin our adventure there.

This also explains why things have been quiet around here for the last few months as I have been busy doing the paperwork involved with the application, and getting things ready around home.

Lots of DIY to complete before we leave, which should be around January next year (2010).

I’m very excited, for both myself and my family, this will be a big change for us all, but should be very rewarding/mind expanding.

Best Birthday ever!

I’m sure I had the best birthday ever on Saturday. It was relaxed, I got some great presents, and just spent the day hanging out at home with Michaela and the kids.

Things that made great:

  • The weather was fantastic all day, it was that surprise warmth you get from a Canterbury nor’wester.
  • I got a hacky sack. Haven’t had one of those for years. We all spent large amounts of time playing hacky sack all weekend.
  • I got Need for Speed: Carbon for the Wii and it’s such a fun racing game. We played lots of king-of-the-hill style verses racing over the weekend and Michaela was the best!
  • The Squeezebox arrived, and provided fantastic music all weekend long.

I would happily have birthdays this good every year.

Fantastic Marketing

I got a pretty sweet fathers day present yesterday. And I can tell exactly why it was chosen. The company made extra effort, and nobody else did. I’m talking about Toblerone’s “To My Dad” sleeve on the normal box. Very Clever idea.

When it’s gifted by these two angels how can it not make your day.


Now I have a nephew

Well he arrived on the 18 of April, but I had no picture and he had no name. So it felt like empty news. Well I now have a picture!

Nephew No.1

The toy is called Lux, but the boy is taking his time!

Well done Aman and Angela