Debugging a recent issue, where our _matherr handler was logging a call to sqrt with -1.#IND00 as input, and in this same scenario the system was crashing (the actual problem needing to be solved).

So to findout what input was going into the sqrt, as I suspected there was rubish being passed in, I wanted to know what -1.#IND00 was in binnary.

I knew that passing -1.0 to sqrt would result in -1.#IND00 in the result, so I altered the code:

int main ()
	double d = sqrt(-1.0);

int __cdecl _matherr(struct _exception *e)
	informf( "\nMath Error: %s, Parameters: %lf %lf, Return: %lf\n",
		e->name, e->arg1, e->arg2, e->retval ) ;

	union ccc
		double d;
		struct {
			long a;
			long b;
		} ll;

	ccc aa;

	aa.d = e->retval;

<break point here, and inspect aa in debugger>
	if( _isnan( e->retval ) ) {
		e->retval = 0 ;
	return 1 ;

results in the values:

aa.ll.a = 0;
aa.ll.b = 0xFFF80000;

And I posted this because Googling for -1.#IND00 got me no results.

Back from Colorado Road Trip

We’re back from a family trip to Colorado. We drove there and back, because I’m cheap, and I’d always wanted to do a ‘road trip’.

It was a really good experience, getting to see parts of the USA not seen before, and experiencing the change in landscape.

So I have posted the above picture as my new header to remember the trip by.

Will post some pictures once I’ve processed them…

Nikon D5100 Want Bigger Files?

I’ve just updated the online patch tool to v1.4 which brings two picture related changes:

  • Uncompressed NEF files, 33MB every timer verse 14-22MB (lossy compressed)
  • Jpeg Quality, up to 12MB verse up to 9MB

The D7000 already has these as menu options, albeit the NEF files are compressed in a lossless format, so are generally 22MB.

Now we just need someone to doing some “real” testing to workout if it’s worth it.


Interested in more, come join the us at Nikon Hacker, or use the Online Patch Tool (Help)

Nikon D7000 Video Beta Testers Wanted

Thanks to the testing efforts of Brett Dikeman we now have a verified D7000 version of the of the Time Restriction Removal patch.

The FirmwarePatch tool has been updated to v1.2 and supports patching Nikon D3100 & D5100 & D7000 firmware.

[Update 24th April] A web-browser cross platform patch tool is also available.


Interested in more, come join the us at Nikon Hacker, or use the Online Patch Tool (Help)